A Vacation Gone Wrong

It's finally here!

We've been working hard to make this game a really fun experience, and though we're sure there are a lot of things that could be better, we're proud of what we were able to accomplish during the Folklore Jam.

As always, we welcome feedback on the game, so if you feel like something can be improved, please tell us!

The short story below is the introduction to the setting of the game, written by Igor B. Batista (@LeonSama)


A Vacation Gone Wrong

You wake up in an unfamiliar spot, the daze of sleep takes a second to fade away as you remember you’ve been hanging out in your friend’s cabin in the woods for the weekend. Leaving your room, you feel a chill up your spine, like someone’s watching you.

You look around, but there’s no one to be seen, there’s not a single murmur in the house, you must’ve been the first to wake up. You walk down the stairs and flick the light switch. It flickers on for a second, before fading out once more. You try the switch a few more times before ditching it, must be a short circuit or something, it’s an old wooden cabin after all. You pick up your phone and sit down on the sofa in the lounge, kicking up your legs as you press the unlock button, and your familiar wallpaper lights up, but there’s something wrong with it. The screen is partially covered by static. You curse at yourself, the humidity must’ve done something to it. There’s also no reception, but you’re used to that, being in the middle of the woods and all, so you move around, holding your phone up, trying to get at least a bar of signal.


You sigh in resignation and decide to make yourself something to eat. The silence is starting to get to you, as you realise even the birds outside are silent. You take a deep breath and open the fridge, the light doesn’t turn on, the food is spoiled. Your brain starts to switch gears as you finally acknowledge there’s definitely something very wrong. You look out the window. On the sky, the sun is shining, but only a dim greyish light is bathing the trees outside. You run upstairs, surely you need to show this to someone, surely you’re not going insane, you’re sure the food on the fridge was good yesterday.

You open the first door, to your friend’s room, the cabin’s owner. He’s gone. Your heart starts beating hard in your chest as adrenaline pumps into your veins, you try not to panic and run to the next room, opening the door in a hurry, you look up on the bed, expecting the worst, and finally calm yourself down a bit, as there’s your other friend, sleeping soundly. You walk up to her and shake her up and she responds as usual, groaning. She scratches her eyes and looks up to you in confusion.

You have no idea how to explain, and beg her to come down with you. She follows you begrudgingly. The house is empty other than the two of you. It takes her a while to take in the situation but she finally agrees with you, there’s something weird going on, and one of your group is missing, their car still parked outside. You’re kilometers away from civilization, there’s no way he could’ve went too far on foot. The car doesn’t work, as you expected. You wait a day, but your friend never comes back, your stomachs empty, there’s no food in the house. Both of you step outside in this perpetually dim lit forest. All you have on your backs is a change of clothes and a couple of batteries for your lantern.

Setealém has found you. Will you be able to escape it?


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May 19, 2019
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May 19, 2019

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